One more thing

Some people have asked me what made me choose the UK over my home country/USA to study and move…

Simply put, I wanted to see the world before I made some big steps in my life (Career, family, etc). I knew I wouldn’t be able to (financially, physically) if I had stayed in North America unless I was to fly back and forth between ‘The West’ and Europe. Living here gives you the ability to see more and do more than if you were to simply stay in Canada (unless, of course you have access to a G6 on a regular basis!).

It was a decision I made after much debate with myself and my family and friends. It wasn’t an easy one either- who can say they would move from all those close to them without felling a bit uneasy? Yes, it was tough, but it gave me an opportunity to find myself. Putting yourself if an unfamiliar situation allows you to see exactly who you are and what you’re made of. I can confidently say after 3 years of living here on my own I’m more of an ‘adult’ than if I was to decide against it all and stay in Canada.

Of course, you’re never on your own here. You learn very quickly that you need to get yourself out in the open and meet new people. I have created a circle of friends whom I’m able to confide in and talk to when I need someone to talk to. Of course, I still have my friends and family back home, but the time difference makes it difficult to communicate as often as I’d like. So be sure to set up times that work for both parties in order to make communication easier.

I suggest anyone who is thinking of making the move to DO IT! It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and when you’re young its that much better. Gain experiences you wouldn’t have been able to make while at home and meet people from cultures or backgrounds different than your own. Of course, study hard and make a circle of friends. Remember, you’re never alone!


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