Thanksgiving = Friendsgiving!

Hey all!

I just got back from one can only be described as the best day/night I’ve had in London! Seeing as I’ve failed to visit Winter Wonderland the past 2 years (I know right?!) I decided to call up the possy (lol) and head to Central for a afternoon/evening excursion.

First stop, Carluccio’s. I know I’m supposed to try different foods form different cultures, but as Aveen stated, we ‘HAD TO’ try it.. It was pretty good, but coming from Canada I’m used to slightly bigger portions of food. lol regardless it was a nice treat.


We decided to walk our BIG DINNER off and head to the fairgrounds. I must say I was surprised by how much was going on all at once! My favorite part was the Bavarian Beer Garden! It definitely had a ‘Octoberfest’ feeling.



We didn’t get to do a lot as we got there rather late, but we plan to head back next week to get the full experience (food, rides, the works).. I did however, get to ride on the bumper card which I haven’t done since I was a kid.. And it showed- my friend and I struggled to fit in the car! I have a video of the experience (and excuse our laughing, we were kids again- even if it was for 5 minutes).



PS I know Thanksgiving in Canada has already passed, but I’d like to say I’m thankful for all the time I have had to meet my new amazing friends in London, and the experience I’ve been able to share with you all during my journey!


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