Dinner/Lunch 4: Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year guys!

Today I had the opportunity to head to Chinatown, London to celebrate Chinese New Year with my fellow international bloggers.


The idea was to head down there to witness the parade and festivities and then meet for lunch, however it was so crazy packed I was only able to JUST make it in time to the restaurant! (Protip- be patient when visiting events such as this; it’ll be crazy).


Upon arriving to the restaurant (Er Mei Sichuan) we chilled in the lobby and actually took in the beautiful surroundings.






We happened to have the biggest table in the place, equipped with a turn table for all of the food we were about to eat!


While waiting for our food we discussed our experiences thus far while living in the UK.  We also talked about what it’s like back home and places we would like to visit and roadtrips we would like to take.    It was good to be able to get away from coursework and talk to like-minded people about every day life.

The one thing I would like you potential international students to take from all of the blogs you might be reading is to meet as many people as you can.  The stories you would hear will blow your minds!

We also opened our standard fortune cookies (albeit before dinner!)


“A dear friend is thinking of you.”

The best part came shortly afterwards:  Food!






I haven’t had a proper sit down Chinese food dinner in years!  I must say it was amazing.  I would definitely visit there again.  It wasn’t just the food that was amazing, it was the company I had.  Eating with friends is always a good time.  Also:  Dragons!




Take care!


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