Trip to Google!

Hey guys!

I haven’t forgotten about you; things have been getting crazy with class.  One thing to remember while enjoying living in the UK-  you’re here to LEARN!


Anyway,  a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Google Headquarters in London.  Believe me, everything they say about Google is true.  The place was Amazing!


Every detail of the office as specific purpose.


After taking a tour of the place we had a very special lecture on what makes Google, Google.







Besides being founded in 1998, employees follow an important creed, as you will called the “9 Notions of Innovation.”

Customer need creative inspiration

Ideas come from everywhere

Fail quickly and learn

Allow ideas to morph

Creativity loves contraint

Share Everything

Data informs decision making

User comes first

License to pursue passions

Along with the notions we were given examples of how each notion has been using in every day business life.  Did you know gmail was invented using the 20% time given to each employee to pursue their own passion during work?  20% is allocated to each employee to work on personal projects and gmail happened to be one of them.

After the lecture we had the opportunity to listen to two famous bloggers:



and Helen Anderson aka SnakebiteSparkles


They taught us what the ins and outs of how to make our blog stand out and interesting for you guys to read.  After this blog post please be sure to give me feedback and whether or not I am making things interesting for you!

Take Care!


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