Crazy Weekend Part 2: Shishawi

Hey again,

Continuing the last post..  On Sunday myself and 13 other friends went to a commonly frequented restaurant in the Edgeware Road area called Shishawi.  They specialise in Middle Eastern food, desserts and Shisha.

The food was amazing!  I had Kebbah Burghul (kind of like a falafel with meat in it), along with a Grilled meat platter as a main.  I was not able to finish everything, unfortunately..So much food!
Later, we went upstairs for shisha and to chat/dessert/play a Lebanese game called ‘Tables’.  I’ve played in shisha places back home (Canada), so it was only a matter of getting used to the rules again before I won my first game there!


The (school) year is almost at an end and I’ve almost hit my goal, so I would like some suggestions from you guys as to what culture I should visit next- more specifically, what restaurant I should go to?

I am open to suggestions!


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