Crazy Weekend: The Breakfast Club and Cereal Killer!

Hey guys,

I haven’t forgotten about you!

One of the main reasons for coming to the UK was to study, and lately that’s all I’ve been doing.  My dissertation was due last week and I’m happy to say it was completed and handed in before the deadline!  Now for exams!


This weekend was pretty eventful to say the least.  I worked in part with another company that deals with international students to show the many tourist attractions as well as the educational side of london.  I took part in a photoshoot with them.

One of those locations was the British Museum, which I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been to before.  I’m glad I did because it was amazing!

We also had some shots taken in a park right around the corner from there.


After the shoot I met up with some friends and we went down to a place called ‘The Breakfast Club.’  I haven’t had a proper American Breakfast in a long time!  Really enjoyed it.


Next Stop was a pretty interesting place that has only opened up in the last few months.  It’s called ‘The Cereal Killer Bar.’  Simply put, it’s a bar where you order cereals from all over the world and different flavoured milks and toppings to go along with it.  Interesting concept and I definitely recommend it!





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