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Dinner 2: Tamara Lounge

Hey guys!

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so I decided it was time to try and check another restaurant off my list. So, once again I gathered the troops and chose Indian tonight. We went to Tamara Lounge, which is situated in the UB10 area.


It serves Chinese and Indian food, dessert and, separate from the restaurant: shisha!

I wanted to try the Butter Chicken, which of course, was amazing.


I will definitely have to eat there again!

After dinner, some of us were complaining about being ‘too full,’ so we thought it was a good idea to have settle our stomachs with some shisha.


It was a little chilly, despite the amount of heaters on the patio, and the huge party around us, but it was fun nonetheless. To our surprise, there was also entertainment: Belly Dancer!



Afterwards we enjoyed arabic music and company of good friends. Overall, it was an amazing time!